How much will my solar system produce on an average, per day?

Averaged out over any one year, your system should perform to within 90% of these daily Kilowatt outputs per kW installed
(view Clean Energy Council Guidelines) :

Location Best Month
kWh per day
Worst Month
kWh per day
Annual Average
kWh per day
Brisbane 4.61 3.34 4.04
Canberra 5.32 2.76 4.22
Darwin 5.11 3.54 4.47
Hobart 4.6 2.14 3.54
Sydney 4.83 2.82 3.94
Melbourne 4.59 2.22 3.58
Adelaide 5.72 2.51 4.25
Alice Springs 5.19 4.21 4.81
Perth 5.4 2.93 4.4
Cairns 4.44 3.18 3.86

System performance has been determined in accordance with AS/NZS 5033.
An average system efficiency has been used - includes PV arrey. Wiring and invertor lossess

For example, a 6 kw system installed in Melbourne will produce on an average 21.48kw per day, more so in Summer and less is Winter.

What performance guarantee do I get on panels and inverters?

All the panels installed by Solar24 are backed by 25 years power output guarantee, ensuring that the panel will deliver a minimum of 90% output performance up to 10 years, and a minimum of 80% output performance up to 25 years

The warranties on inverters vary from 5yrs to 10 years depending on the manufacturer. Additional warranty can always be purchased at an additional cost.

What is the best orientation for my solar panels?

Ideally North facing solar panels will generate the most energy overall, but less in the morning and late afternoon as compared to the east and west facing panels.

Next West, Panels installed on a west facing roof will generate more power in the late afternoon.

East Facing, these panels will generate more power in the morning.

East and west-facing panels will produce about 15% less energy per year compared to north facing.

Will a solar panel system produce energy during winter/rainy days?

Yes, it will produce with partial efficiency.

Will I receive electricity bills after solar panel installation?

If you are connected to the grid even after the solar panel system is installed, you will still receive electricity bills. The bill amount may have changed depending on the system size, your consumption, weather conditions, etc.

Does shade affect the performance of the panels?

Yes, shading affects the performance of your panels. At Solar24, our solar solutions are tailormade and we do consider the shading to calculate the approximate efficiency of the system.

What is the lead time for the system installation?

The target date of installation is between 3 to 5 weeks from the sign-up date.

What is the impact of solar systems on sustainability?

A Solar panel system gives you clean and green energy. It reduces impact on exhaustion of fossil fuels and helps conserve the environment.